Database on Arctic Doctoral and Post-doctoral Projects on Law


Database on Arctic Doctoral and Post-doctoral Projects on Law


ProjectU.S.-China Arctic Cooperation in the New Era of Great Power Competition: Opportunities and Challenges

The project examines the current opportunities for and constraints on the U.S.-China cooperation in the Arctic. It argues that, despite ongoing tensions between the United States and China on many issues, there are numerous concrete opportunities for the two countries to develop dialogue and cooperation concerning the Arctic and Arctic Peoples. To substantiate this argument and enrich the existing literature on U.S.-China relations in the Arctic, the projects focuses on three issue areas where the two powers could develop trust and cooperation:

(1) the freedom of navigation in the Arctic Ocean,
(2) the implementation of new science-based Arctic treaties, and
(3) Alaska-China economic relations.

Given the current state of U.S.-China relations, it advocates a bottom-to-top approach based on the concept and practice of science diplomacy to facilitate the development of U.S.-China Arctic cooperation.

RegionsArctic region
Start year2020
End year2022
ContactYuanyuan Ren
OrganizationHamilton College
DepartmentGovernment Department
CountryUnited States
Added13.2.2023 21.25.34