Ordering films

The films can be ordered from the television company which holds the document. Contact information for ordering films:

Arkhangkelsk TV Pomorye
Kiseleva Nina
TV ”Pomorye”
State Regional TV and Radio Company
Troitskij prospekt 73
163069 Arkhangelsk,
email: vipusk.pomorie (at)
Tel. +7 8182 20 78 81

Murmansk TV Murman
Kornilova Marina
Director of STRBC "Murman"
State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Murman"
Sopka Varnichnaya
183032 Murmansk, Russia
email: office (at) or
Anna Shoomigay
+7 911 308 02 78 shoom (at)

Eva Lintunen, archivist
Radiokatu 5, PL 65 00024
Yleisradio Finland
Email: eva.lintunen (at)
Tel. +358 914802477

Disclaimer: Ordering films is a transaction between the customer and the TV company. The Arctic Centre are not involved in the transaction and take no responsibility on possible disagreements or claims between the customer and the TV company.

For more information on the database contact:
Arto Vitikka
Arctic Centre



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