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SkalinKotlas is 70 years13.6.1987Details
VysotskiyFestive meeting for the 60th anniversary of DOSAAF26.1.1987Details
LevinsonNew cinema (cinema "North" declared a competition for a new project")20.5.1988Details
VysotskiyTheatrical poster, city, Puppet theatre, museum (synchron)13.10.1988Details
ManankovOreshkov's GPTU -9 (college)28.10.1987Details
VelikoluchSPTU-29 (college), building28.10.1987Details
SkalinNyandoma retranslator7.5.1987Details
LevinsonSchool #14 is 50 years12.5.1987Details
LevinsonLast bell, school #326.5.1987Details
SkalinKotlas TSBK25.6.1987Details
VeshnyakovLeaving dance - school #1029.6.1987Details
VlasovTimber technical college, TV15.7.1987Details
IvanovF. Abramov, a village Verkola, a museum18.9.1987Details
IvanovSTSBK - new system of work22.9.1987Details
VysotskiyFestive meeting devoted the 70th anniversary of militia10.11.1987Details
LevinsonMusical class, school 2012.11.1987Details
LevinsonChoir of school 2012.11.1987Details
IvanovA study of cosmetics13.11.1987Details
LevinsonMeeting with Shainskiy24.12.1987Details
IvanovSeaweed combinate is 70 years3.2.1988Details
KonoplyovDay of jazz on the Solovki (synchron)2.11.1988Details
BuinskiyExport devices to a dump27.7.1988Details
Ivanov, ManankovVideo problems (synchron)29.12.1988Details
BuinskiyCivil funeral service to N. Zhernakov (synchron)30.12.1988Details
VysotskiyInterview with Shubarin (synchron)31.12.1988Details

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