Name: Stephan Dudeck

Title: Researcher, Orhelia project

Motto: “If research doesn't surprise you, it's not worth the research” Julie Cruikshank

Dudeck johdanto kuva 5
Dudeck johdanto kuva 5
Dudeck johdanto kuva 5


Anthropology developed out of the interest for the exotic, for the different, for the other. It was a colonial science serving the task to integrate, to develop, and to administer people that are considered to be behind of development...”

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”The method of anthropological research is participant observation. The term participant observation means to live for a long time with people of very different lifestyle and culture.”

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My places

”As a student of anthropology I thought it was very interesting to go to Russia, because I realized that we know quite a little about the Soviet Union. It was closed up for anthropology for almost 70 years and it came a place where real discoveries were possible.”

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Dudeck paikkakuva 1